Eduard Steuermann, Regensburg, 1914 | Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien
Eduard Steuermann im Portrait
Megumi Sakai, Pianists, Karin Wagner
Lecture recital
Arnold Schönberg Center
Tuesday, 28 November 2023
6.30 pm
Eduard Steuermann, Regensburg, 1914 | Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien

Megumi Sakai vocals
José Alberto Contreras Tobar, Peter Fuchs, Jenny Yiyi Hu, Franziska Musil, Erika Spring, Iliyana Stoyanova, Jean-Pierre Tokmaji, Jessica Wang
Karin Wagner

Eduard STEUERMANN Brecht-Lieder; Suite for Piano: Prelude, Melody; Vier Klavierstücke: III. Thema mit Variationen
Arnold SCHÖNBERG Drei Klavierstücke op. 11; Klavierstück op. 33a
Anton WEBERN Variationen für Klavier op. 27
Johannes BRAHMS Drei Intermezzi op. 117; Intermezzo op. 118/2

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“In any case, he plays my music like no one else: intellectually and technically; a brooding man, but of the greatest skill, seriousness, and extraordinary sense of tone color.” This is how Arnold Schönberg described Eduard Steuermann, whose status as the unequalled pianist of the Viennese School all too easily obscures his universal artistic personality. The book “Eduard Steuermann ‘Musiker und Virtuose’” (Bericht zum Symposium an der Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz, edition text+kritik) edited by Lars E. Laubhold and published in 2022, serves as an impetus for a concert that showcases Steuermann’s versatility and complexity.

Cooperation Arnold Schönberg Center and University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (Ludwig van Beethoven Institut für Klavier in der Musikpädagogik and Antonio Salieri Institut für Gesang und Stimmforschung in der Musikpädagogik)